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Reliable Cleaning Service

                WHAT WE DO

GS Cleaning Group is a qualified company that are committed to providing

service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to working efficiently

while keeping the lines of communication with our clients clear and concise. 

We will provide our service around your hours of operation, with our team able to

undertake their task during evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.

We're a limited company and fully insured. Our cleaning team are trained and



                      END  OF  TENANCY  CLEANING

We acknowledge that high quality cleaning is necessary for end of tenancy

properties, in addition to speed being of the essence to ensure the premises

are ready for the new occupiers. We can assure you that we will provide our

cleaning/ deep cleaning service within 5 days of being contacted. Our service


Habitable rooms and communal areas:

Vacuum and mop all floors

Dust and wipe down all surfaces

Clean light switches and doorknobs

Hoover furniture

Clean inside windows and ledges

Clean hallways and staircases



Clean all surfaces, including floors

Scrub toilets

Clean outside of cabinets and drawers

Clean sinks and bathtubs

Clean mirrors


Clean all worktop surfaces and flooring

Clean outside of fridge 

Wipe down outside of appliances

Clean sink

Clean stove and outside of oven

Wipe down cabinets and hoods


Our prices for undertaking our end of tenancy cleaning are:

  • Studio unit from £130

  • 1 bed from £150

  • 2 bed from £200

  • 3 bed from £250

  • 4 bed from £350


GS Cleaning can also provide other services that would incur additional fees:

  • Steam cleaning

  • Oven and fridge internal cleaning

  • Electrostatic spray cleaning of walls and ceilings

  • Jet-washing external areas



Steam cleaning:

For our steam cleaning option, we have specialised equipment that can clean

carpets and upholstery. Our prices for cleaning are as follows:



Bedroom                                             £24

Living room                                         £28     

Through Lounge                                 £35

Hallway                                                £14

Flight of stairs (up to 18 steps)          £18

Landing                                               £6



Small rug (up to 1m x 2m)                 £5

Large rug (up to 3m x 4m)                 £12



2 seater sofa                                       £35

3 seater sofa                                       £55

L-shaped sofa                                     £79

U-shaped sofa                                    £95

Armchair                                             £20

Dining chairs (per chair)                     £5



Half length (per pair)                          £15

Full length (per pair)                           £25

Blinds                                                   £10



Single mattress                                   £25

Double mattress                                 £30

Kingsize mattress                                £40

Oven & fridge cleaning:

Our price for cleaning the insides of ovens and fridges starts from £60, which

depends upon the size of the appliances, and the amount of dirt and grime that

needs to be cleaned.



We provide an electrostatic spraying service, using new technology that ensures

surfaces are clean and protected from viruses and bacteria using a specialised

form of disinfectant. This is particularly useful for surfaces within communal areas

in end of tenancy and HMO accommodation. The equipment can also be used to

clean ceilings in kitchens and walls where required.

The cost of this additional service starts from £45.



We will also provide a jet-washing service for external areas including the



Patio cleaning                         £0.30 per sq.ft

Decking                                   £0.30 per sq.ft

Driveway                                  £0.30 per sq.ft

Balcony                                    £0.50 per sq.ft

                     CONSTRUCTION  CLEANING

We undertake a builders clean and sparkle cleaning service for new residential

and commercial development, and householder extensions. We will meet with

clients on site to make an assessment and provide a free quote.

                              OFFICE  CLEANING

We provide a cleaning service that can be undertaken on a weekly or

fortnightly basis.


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