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Why disinfectant? Isn't a good clean sufficient?

General cleaning practices are of course an important process that must be undertaken regularly to ensure premises are fit for use. This alone however is insufficient to combat viruses such as Covid.

Standard anti-bacterial sprays are useful, however whilst surfaces may appear clean after use, in reality they're usually not as such sprays are unable to effectively target all areas. 

We use a high-level disinfectant that our electrostatic equipment will evenly disperse to reach all areas, eliminating up to 99.999% of germs and disease-causing pathogens and micro-organisms on hard, non porous surfaces and objects.

Our service will concentrate on spraying touch points such as door handles, stair rails, tables, chairs, phones, keyboards, carpets/ rugs etc - ie any items that are used or touched by more than one person that can harbour harmful contaminants and heighten the risk of illnesses being incurred and spread.

We highly recommend to our customers that in advance of this service being undertaken, you must ensure that regular cleaning is undertaken - the disinfectant process should not be seen as a substitute for this. Please note that GS Cleaning Group will undertake the misting process whether the premises have been cleaned in advance or not.

Is it safe?

Yes it is completely safe. The disinfectant (produced by Sychem), which is mixed with water, is non toxic and non hazardous, and complies with British/ European Standards.

Boeing have tested the disinfectant on their aircraft, with results showing no harmful impacts upon aluminium's, plastics, metallics, floors and fabrics.

The disinfectant spray will result in a fresh, clean smell that is not overpowering.

How does the machine work?

The cordless machine positively charges molecules of disinfectant before they are sprayed onto the surface. This attracts the molecules to the surface and repels them from one another, creating an even coating and pushing the disinfectant into recessed areas. 

The process mechanically kills micro-organisms and inhibits their growth for 'up to' 30 days - depending upon the nature of the premises  -  providing 99.999% protection against harmful viruses and bacteria.

How often should premises be misted?
In regard to our existing commercial customers, this is dependent upon the level of footfall. Some are misted weekly/ fortnightly, whilst others request the service a number of times per week.

Homeowners tend to have their properties misted prior to and after get togethers and events.

Is this different to fogging?

Yes. Unlike fogging, the electrostatic process ensures that the spray is evenly distributed, and will cling to vertical surfaces, and the underside of furniture, therefore resulting in greater protection.

How long before the room can be used again?

The room/s can be used again within an hour of the process. This will allow sufficient time for the disinfectant to get to work.

For commercial premises, we will usually undertake our service during weekday evenings or early morning hours - and weekends - when the premises are closed to staff or customers.

For homeowners, we will arrange a time that is suitable for you.


Will it harm any valuables?

The spray will not damage fabrics or carpets. You may however wish to remove or cover items such as paintings for piece of mind, however the process is unlikely to result in any harm.

Will it harm pets?

No the process will not harm pets, but you are advised to ensure all pets are removed from the room prior to the misting being undertaken, and not returned within the hour from completion.

How soon can you conduct the work?

We aim to undertake the work as quickly as possible, however this depends on factors including the level of information you provide, size of the premises and location.

For commercial premises, we will generally seek to arrange an initial visit to inspect the site and to discuss our quote of works with you. Once agreed, we will undertake the process within 5 working days - or when appropriate for you.

Service Agreements

Due to the popularity of the electrostatic misting process, we encourage our commercial customers to enter into a service agreement with us to ensure a structured timetable for their premises to be disinfected.


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